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Traditional pain relief meets total relaxation in sleep dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry

Have you heard about sleep dentistry? An exciting advance in the dental field, sleep dentistry is the maximum in comfort for patients who would otherwise be unable to relax in the dental chair. Sleep dentistry delivers a positive dental experience to patients who are especially nervous or difficult to manage, medically compromised, fearful of dentists, or those who have difficulties with numbing, active gag reflexes, or who require special antibiotics.

In Napa Valley Dental Centre - Kleinburg Dentistry’s state of the art, private, and pleasant office setting in Kleinburg, we offer general anesthesia, which makes the patient both unconscious (asleep) and unable to feel pain during the dental procedure. Dr. Braverman is very pleased to offer this modern, safe anesthesia option, which can give you a stress-free and pain-free visit.

A wide variety of patients can benefit from anesthesia services, including those challenged by:

Fear and anxiety

According to the American Dental Association, more than 10% of Americans are so nervous and anxious about the dentist that they don’t go at all! Another 20% find treatment so uncomfortable that they are unable to follow through with much-needed dental care. In fact, even among patients with dental coverage, nearly half still avoid dental care just from feelings of fear and apprehension. In some unlucky individuals, this fear manifests as a full-fledged phobia.

With sleep dentistry, there is no need to fear the dentist. Modern and safe, general anesthesia removes both anxiety and fear, allowing the patient a positive experience while receiving the care they need.

Low pain threshold

Some patients perceive pain differently from others, or at different levels. Sometimes a dentist may have difficulty obtaining the tooth numbness necessary so that the patient can have a painless treatment. With general anesthesia and sedation techniques, these patients are able to have a virtually pain-free experience.

Active gag reflex

Some patients have such an active gag reflex that they cannot keep from gagging even from the smallest x-ray film or dental tool being placed in their mouths. Using anesthesia services, even for the simplest procedures, can eliminate the problems caused by gagging.

Extensive treatments

For sophisticated procedures such as implant dentistry and full mouth restoration, or extended procedures such as periodontal surgery and root canal therapy, anesthesia services provide the utmost in patient comfort.

Special needs

For physically and mentally challenged patients, or individuals emotionally uncomfortable in the traditional dental office setting, anesthesia services provides a positive and pleasant dental care experience.

Sleep dentistry is an enormous benefit for many patients who may otherwise risk neglecting their oral health. Take advantage of Dr. Braverman’s extensive experience in this field and find out if sleep dentistry is a viable option for you or a family member.

For everyone who has ever wished they could just “go to sleep and wake up when it’s done” - this is the dental advance you’ve been waiting for!

If you need more information about Sedation Dentistry in Kleinburg, contact us today.

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